2015 Pick Up Sticks

2015 Pick Up Sticks  - Hudson Wines


Technical Information
  • Blend Grenache, Syrah and Viognier
  • Vineyard Hudson
  • Winemaker Christopher Vandendriessche
  • Appellation Napa Valley, Carneros
  • Release Date April 5, 2017
  • Harvest Date Sept. 2nd, 9th and 14th
  • Alcohol 14.1%
  • PH 3.89
Grower Report by Lee Hudson

Winter 2015 was dry and warm leading to a very early February bud break. Fortunately, spring was warm and devoid of frost. A long spring lead into a successful bloom. Followed by good shoot growth and mild seasonable temperatures. By August it was apparent that after three healthy harvests, 2015 was going to be a light crop. But light crops always get lighter and our actual yields were much smaller than anticipated. Due to the light crop and the warm end of August and September we picked the crop more rapidly than ever before. Due to our professional crew and our concerted efforts we were able to accomplish harvest without any negative effects. 2015 was early, light, fast and delicious.

Winemaker Comments by Christopher Vandendriessche

2015 was very small harvest with medium sized berries on tiny clusters. We picked the Syrah on Sept. 9th and chilled it to 45 degrees for a cold soak while the Grenache finished ripening. We picked the Grenache on Sept. 14th and added it to the Syrah tank which had just started fermenting. Ferment lasted 9 days in a wide closed top tank. The Viognier fermented in barrel and was stirred until blending. This gave a nice richness to the wine that enhanced the finish of the final blend. Malolactic progressed in French oak barrels, with 20% once used Billon Burgundy and 80% neutral 132 gallon puncheons. The Viognier was added in April and the final blend was bottled in July.